Test Options QTY UDM Supplies

Shipping Supplies

EA Small Styrofoam Box
EA Regular Ice Pack
EA Medium Styrofoam Cooler
EA Large Styrofoam Cooler
EA Large Ice Pack
EA Biohazard Bag
EA UPS Ground Shipping Labels
EA UPS Laboratory Pack
EA Category B UN Label Stickers
EA UPS Overnight Shipping Labels
EA UPS Shipping Box

Covid Collection Kits

EA Saliva Test Kit
EA Nares Swab Test Kit
EA Nasopharyngeal Test Kit
MD Drug Pro EA DrugPro Requisition Form
BX Oral Fluid Collection Device (25 per box)
EA Sterile Cup w/ Temp Strip (Specimen Cup)
BG False Bottom Tube (500 per BG)
MD Heart Pro EA HeartPro Requisition Form
EA Plain Red Top Tube
EA False bottom tube
EA Pipets
MD Diabetes Pro KT 2 sst tubes, 1 lav tuber, 1 urine sterile cup
MD Allergy Pro EA AllergyPro Requisition Form
EA Tiger SST Serum Tube
MD Allergy Pro EA PGx/CGx Panel
EA MDGeneticPro Requisition form
PK MDGeneticPro CGx Req form (2 per pack)
EA Transport tubes(Swabs)
EA Covid 19 NP swab, Nares Swab, Saliva
EA Covid Sequencing NP swab, Nares Swab, Saliva

RVBP (RPP) / GI Panel

EA MDGeneticPro RVBP (RPP)/GI Req form
EA E swab
EA G swab

HCV Panel

EA SST Tubes
EA MDHeartPro Req form

Women's Health Panel

EA E swab
EA MDGeneticPro Women's Health Req form

Special Request

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